Individual measuring devices in small series

9. October 2020

For more than 15 years, TSEP has been building individual measuring devices in small series for its customers. These custom-made products are characterized by an optimal implementation of the measurement scenario, high reliability and optimal integration into the customer-specific measurement setup. In order to be able to implement these solutions effectively and inexpensively, TSEP developed a modular system in 2019 that is now being presented under the name Themis. TSEP offers the two model variants “Themis” and “Themis Individual”.The concept for “Themis” is to give TSEP customers maximum freedom with regard to the measurement task and to be able to implement them quickly and cost-effectively. The customer can use a wide range of existing hardware and software components for the individual assembly of Themis, which is intended both as a table solution for the measurement laboratory and for use in the 19 inch rack. For highly specialized measuring tasks, customized components can also be developed by TSEP. The modular concept of Themis is based on a versatile and flexibly exchangeable plug-in card system. In addition to standard cards such as power supply or CPU board, any modules such as network switches, offline data acquisition cards or IEEE 1588 cards can be used. In addition, Themis can be equipped with a PXI backplane so that a wide range of standardized PXI measurement components, such as digitizers, oscilloscopes and network analyzers, is available. It is also possible to integrate existing measuring components. The customer thus has the freedom to design his measurement and test system individually and can expand it at any time. The Themis software supports the SCPI protocol commonly used in measurement technology (via LAN with TCP / IP or HiSlip1.0 / 2.0). In addition, IVI drivers can be provided to operate Themis using LabView or other test systems. TSEP specializes in the creation of individually adapted measurement software for test systems that can process, visualize and save the recorded data. This means that customers can either implement their own measurement processes via SCPI or IVI or have complex measurement software created by TSEP. The purely customer-specific “Themis Individual” solutions consist 100% of individual measurement hardware and software components that are specially developed for the customer. The basis for “Themis Individual” are standard components, such as the company’s own TSEP µC operating system, standardized communication with the measurement hardware, for example via USB, with SCPI via LAN and HiSlip or via IVI drivers, as well as the processing or visualization of the measurement data for the customer. By using the open modular system, special requirements, such as the supply of measurement hardware via vehicle electrical systems or operation in unusual environments, can be taken into account and implemented. In March 2020, the first Themis Individual Development was handed over to a German customer. Appropriate measuring hardware was developed for a special task. In addition, the necessary software connection (LabView and Diadem driver, measurement software) was developed. The individual system is intended for any special application that is too big or too small for a 19 ” rack or is not intended for a 19 ” rack. The advantages that such a system offers over a PXI system are simply clear. As a rule, the customer wants a device for a highly specialized measurement task / data acquisition / data processing. Appropriate measurement hardware can be developed on the basis of Themis, usually in small series. Since not all features defined in the PXI standard have to be supported, but only the own (open) standard comes into play, the development costs for the individual measurement hardware can be kept low, which ultimately benefits the customer. If the customer also wants to use PXI cards for standard measurement tasks, this is available to the customer at any time thanks to the PXI backplane. Reference:

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