Time synchronization according to the standard IEEE 1588-2019 PTP v2.1

1. June 2021

PTP (Precision Time Protocol) enables precise time synchronization. With the release of the new IEEE 1588-2019 PTP v2.1 standard, TSEP will launch the new product Chronos, an implementation of this standard, at the beginning of Q3 2021. During the complete reimplementation of the IEEE 1588-2019 standard, TSEP was able to fall back on the experience with its earlier TSEP 1588-2008 PTP stacks. The focus is on improved modularization, porting and time access.

Hardware abstraction layer

With the newly added hardware abstraction layer, the PTP can easily be transferred to other, proprietary BUS interfaces with integrated hardware time stamps. In addition, the OS abstraction layer enables the stack to be easily ported to other operating systems without having to change the PTP logic of the stack. Chronos can already be used on Windows and Ubuntu. Porting for the real-time operating systems INTime from TenAsys and RTX64v3.7 from IntervalZero will be available in Q4 2021.

Network cards

Chronos natively supports the network cards from Intel with the chip families i210 / i211 / i350. For this purpose, the original Intel IGB driver for Windows and Linux was patched and an access level was created. Chronos is also integrated in the TSEP Themis 1588 multiplexer.

Reference: Einkaufsführer 2021 (beam-verlag.de), page 167

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