Technology Partnership with IntervalZero

22. November 2018

TSEP and IntervalZero agreed in 2017 on a technology partnership with the objective to offer an on real-time IEEE1588 master stack for Windows and RTX64.

Wolnzach, November 2018 TSEP and IntervalZero agreed last year on a cooperation to port the IEEE 1588 stack from TSEP to RTX64. This cooperation was now successful and enables the user to develop advanced applications with exact time synchronization under Windows with real-time properties.

The IEEE 1588 stack from TSEP provides all means necessary for a time synchronization via so-called end-to-end (E2E) connections and specified according to IEEE 1588-2008 (version 2). In addition, a general synchronization algorithm is included, which allows synchronization in the range of 40ns. However, it is always possible to define your own synchronization algorithm and to integrate it easily. The IEEE 1588 stack is therefore a good choice for users for whom IEEE 1588 compliance is a necessary requirement. The IEEE 1588 stack has been completely developed in C ++ and according to the C ++ 11 standard. “Through the cooperation with IntervalZero, we can now offer real-time solutions under Windows. For TSEP, this collaboration also represents another step in the development of communication solutions and a consistent continuation of our global expansion on the way to a TSN-solution” said Peter Plazotta, CEO of TSEP.

IntervalZero RTX64 transforms Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS). Already existing partnerships allow customers of IntervalZero the use of software stacks for EtherCAT and CANopen, which can run on its own core, independently of delays caused by Windows. The partnership with TSEP now adds an IEEE 1588 stack that meets future requirements for IEEE1588 or PTP (Precision Time Protocol). The generic approach of the IEEE 1588 stack from TSEP combines the possibilities of PTP with the real-time solution of IntervalZero under Windows into a very interesting solution. With the deterministic nature of RTX64, the synchronization algorithm can be realized much more precisely in comparison with the IEEE 1588 master. “This approach is in line with our platform strategy and helps our customers to consolidate dedicated systems into a single multi-core PC“ said Fabrice Boisset, General Manager for EMEA at IntervalZero.

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