LXI Plugfest in Nashville

17. October 2019

Beginning of October the LXI Consortium met for their face-to-face meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Here further progress on the LXI Security Extended Function was achieved by identifying which sections of the current LXI Standard 1.5 needed to be adapted in the light of security. Also some sections need to be adapted due to new laws (e.g. California law on default passwords) and others due to clarifications which have been stated in the Clarifications Document since version 1.5 was released. These changes will roll in to a LXI Specification Version 1.6 which will then also include the LXI Security Extended Function.
The next steps will be to continue identifying security relevant sections in the currently existing extended functions and then writing the actual new LXI Security Extended Function.

In regards to security, TSEP had the chance to demonstrate the first prototyping of an LXI Security Extended Function for the LXI Reference Design. The prototyping involved the public trust model for the LXI webserver, which allows the LXI Reference Design to receive certificates for its web server and update these when necessary as long as an internet connection is available. A possibility for no internet connection is still in discussion and will follow. 

A further topic is conformance testing. First thoughts and ideas were brought to the table to ensure the testing procedure is clarified in parallel with the developing and writing of the Security Extended Function. These test procedures shall be integrated into the TSEP Kerberos.
Also Clock Synchronisation Conformance Testing is currently being integrated into the TSEP Kerberos and is expected to be sanctioned by the LXI Consortium at the next Face-to-Face meeting in February in Phoenix for Test Houses and may even for Self-Certification.
To simplify and also shorten response times when applying for LXI Conformance, the application form is being re-evaluated and it is to be expected that future LXI conformance applications will be done via a web application form instead of filling out the existing application document and then sending it to the LXI Conformance Chair.

Innovation made measurable.

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