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TSEP has been developing technical software solutions for its customers for 30 years now. TSEP is active in the fields of measurement technology, automotive, production and automation technology. TSEP offers all phases of software development from requirements analysis, software design and development to testing. Solutions are developed in different programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java and Assembler) and different operating systems (Windows and Linux). In addition, TSEP is also involved in the definition of standards in various consortia (LXI Consortium and IVI Foundation) and is actively involved here. TSEP’s customers include leading measurement technology, automotive and manufacturing companies, as distributed worldwide. TSEP maintains a good relationship with the Universities of Ingolstadt and Munich.


Measurement Software

  • Preprocessing and measurement-related evaluation

  • Validation and correction calculation

  • Visualization through GUI framework

Custom Software

  • Creation of requirements and system designs

  • Implementation and development support

  • Support of installations

Test Systems

  • Design and development of test systems

  • Configuration systems for automated test sequences

  • Automation and validation

System Software

  • Driver development and microcontroller OS

  • Software Installation and Operating System Tools

  • Real-time operating systems


  • Cross-sectional changes in large software packages

  • Porting between IDE, OS and computer architectures (32/64 bit)

LXI Integration&Certification

  • Support for the integration of the LXI standard

  • Certification of measuring instruments

  • Complete implementation of the LXI standard incl. certification

IEEE 1588-2008

  • Integration of the Precision Time Protocol IEEE 1588

  • Reference implementation in TSEP Chronos

SCPI 488.2

  • Integration of the SCPI 488.2 standard

  • Reference implementation in TSEP Poseidon

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