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Freely configurable attenuation characteristics for HF signals.

Step Attenuator

The TSEP Step Attenuator was developed to provide HF signals with any configurable attenuation, the temporal course of which can be adjusted. The TSEP Step Attenuator contains up to 3 channels and each of these channels can be individually attenuated.
These different attenuations can be switched independently. Each channel can be supplied with an attenuation of 0 to 31.5 dB, with a step width of 0.5 dB and an accuracy of 0.1 dB.

Step Attenuator: Overview

  • Damping from 0 to 31.5 db with an accurancy of 0.1 db

  • Individually configurable damping characteristics

  • 3 different voltage ranges

Innovation made measurable.

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