TSEP Poseidon is your Remote System / Remote control with SCPI-99 Parser.

TSEP Poseidon – SCPI Remote System

Since TSEP also builds and sells measurement instruments, the realization of a remote system (or remote control) with SCPI-99 parsers was inevitable. The first implementation was created in 2008 and then used in various measurement systems.

In 2014, the V2 version was launched with a significantly extended range of functions. With this parser, the commands were to be defined via an XML file, the SCPI code skeletons were to be generated via a tool, and support for overlapped commands was included. The TSEP Remote System V2 has been available since mid-2014 and is used by various applications and customers.

Poseidon: Overview


  • Standard channels: TCP/IP, RS232 and HiSlip (only for LXI members)

  • Modular concept for parser and data channels

  • Code skeleton generation and documentation using XML

  • Modern and flexible SCPI parameter concept

High performance with a max of modularity.

Innovation made measurable.

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