Imaging and Software Installation Toolkit

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TSEP Kratos is an imaging and software installation toolkit. Currently TSEP Kratos supports all Microsoft operating systems as well as Linux derivatives.

With embedded devices it is necessary to modify the operating system specifically to the requirements of the customer. Such devices do not have an open operating system like a normal Windows PC, but define an appropriate working environment for the equipment software.

Normal software installation systems that have been designed and developed for end customer computers only partially cover the requirements of embedded devices. Requirements such as distributed installations or security aspects are not possible with these installation systems.

TSEP Kratos closes this gap and offers these functionalities. Based on TSEP’s many years of experience with embedded devices, TSEP Kratos has been developed and further developed over the last 15 years.

TSEP Kratos can use the common installation protocols (MSI, APT) or the proprietary TSEP system to build cross-operating system installation packages. With TSEP Kratos also installation packages can be distributed and installed over the network. If required, communication can also be encrypted, which ensures that no malware is installed on the embedded device.

TSEP Kratos defines a maximum level of security for both the operating systems and the software installation, since these two components are safety-critical components in an embedded device. Especially with regard to malware or stability.

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