Verify your LXI functionality on your own-
thanks to TSEP Kerberos 2.0.

TSEP Kerberos

TSEP Kerberos is a hardware and software solution for verifying the LXI functionality of measuring instruments. The current TSEP Kerberos version 1.12 delivers identical results as the current LXI Conformance test suite of the LXI consortium, however TSEP Kerberos offers a holistic solution from hardware, software and client for the execution and evaluation of LXI Conformance tests.

Kerberos: Overview

  • ALL-IN-ONE LXI-certification

  • Regression test and developer support

  • Control and visualization by client

  • Continuous support and further development

Save time and money-
LXI-certify your devices on your own!

Innovation made measurable.

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