Amazingly precise time synchronization
according to the IEEE 1588-2019 PTP v2.1 Standard.

Chronos 2.1

TSEP Chronos is our implementation of the IEEE 1588-2019 standard. It’s made for a variety of platforms and it can be individually ported to various devices.

Chronos: Overview

  • +/- 20 ns Timesynchronization

    Thanks to IEEE 1588-2019 PTP v2.1, TSEP Chronos improves the time synchronization of your measurements.

  • Master Clock and Ordinary Clock Mode

    Whether TSEP Chronos should act as master clock or client in your network topology is entirely up to you.

  • Onestep- and Twostep- Synchronization

    Use additional hardware to enable one-step synchronization or use Chronos in the two-step process.

  • Time-synchronous hardware triggers

    • synchronous measurement on several devices
    • Measurements at intervals
    • e.g. as PPS signals
  • Compatible with various OS.

    Compatible with Windows, Linux and the realtime operating systems InTime and RTX64.

Improve your product through more precise measurement technology.

Innovation made measurable.

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