Measurement Technology meets Augmented Reality

Key Features

  • Individual measurement data visualization

  • Voice Interface

  • Gesture Control

  • AR Glasses Independent Open-VR Interface

In the field of measurement technology, the open platform TSEP Apollo can be used to display data, statuses or measured values from any measuring instrument via a data interface (SCPI Interface, Scripting Interface) in the user’s field of vision.

Application examples are the measurement of parameters on complex DUTs or in an environment where the device is not in the user’s field of view. The user guidance for complex calibration and configuration tasks can also be significantly simplified for the user with a user-guided AR application. The possible applications in the field of measurement technology are manifold. Mobile phone testers can display their results directly in the measurement engineer’s field of vision and supply him with the current measurement data. Or during maintenance work on a car control unit, for example, the pin assignment of a connector can be displayed in order to easily find the required pin and have the corresponding measurement parameters available for the measurement. In the Maintenance area, measurement parameters, circuit diagrams or pin assignments can be displayed directly during maintenance work. The range of scenarios in the age of industry 4.0 can be extended here as required.

TSEP Apollo does not rely on a proprietary approach for controlling the AR glasses, but uses the established OpenVR standard. This has two advantages in particular. Firstly, all current AR glasses can be controlled using these standards, which gives the customer the freedom to choose his preferred model. On the other hand, this decision also offers future security. TSEP Apollo will also support the next generation of AR glasses, which will replace the AR glasses that are conditionally usable in industrial applications.

The customer response to the presentation of the first prototypes was correspondingly high, so TSEP is now working on the first customer solutions with the TSEP Apollo product.

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