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Our Mission.

We develop high quality and complexe solutions which at the same time are easy to integrate in existing systems.
That’s how we support innovators worldwide and help them transform from good to great.

“There are so many great and innovative companies and entrepreneurs out there- I want us to help them being more efficient and support them transforming the world we live in!”

Simon Plazotta, Managing Director

What we do.

As an IT company we focus on engineering the future. That’s why we specialized in services and products that help making T&M better. As a result you as a customer can be more efficient.

Have a look at Chronos, our time synchronization product. Without Chronos your timing would be more than 50 times less precise. That’s why you have Chronos. Or do you?

In addition we provide you with all-in-one-solutions when it comes to timing. For instance our Themis rack supports you with all the basics you need to implement a system.

You have special tasks and need individual solutions? That’s where we come from! Just talk to one of our developers and we make whatever you need.

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The values we live and work by.


We are commited to our decisions personally and value the needs of all of our stakeholders. We don‘t hide but step up to what we do.


We respect and appreciate our co-workers, partners and stakeholders. We are talking and interacting in an open and equal manner, offer feedback and celebrate success.


Innovation is what drives us. We don’t rest and we don’t back down from difficult tasks. But we envision the future and take action.


We are committed to the highest standards. Good is never good enough and we support each other to aim for perfection in whatever we do.


We work hand in hand as a team. We value the time we spend together, encourage every member and support them. We only succeed as a team.

About us.

TSEP was founded in 1988 as “Technische Software Entwicklung Plazotta” and was engaged in the development of software in the CAD / CAM environment. Already at the beginning of the nineties the focus changed to communications engineering and telecommunications and until the end of the nineties TSEP was entrusted with the development of larger software projects for the telecommunications industry (e.g. Siemens, Motorola) or in communications engineering (Rohde&Schwarz). At the beginning of the new millennium, the spectrum of development at TSEP was expanded to include Test & Measurement and in order to be able to implement the larger number of projects, the number of staff was continuously increased.

As TSEP developed more and more hardware-related software components, customer requests for a common hardware and software solution became more frequent. In 2005 TSEP decided to offer the development of hardware and to date TSEP has created dozens of hardware developments for its customers which have been more than successful in series production and are in use today. In 2008 TSEP took over activities in the automotive industry (VW Group), mainly developing hardware and software solutions for the diagnosis and verification of entertainment systems.

As early as 2014, TSEP began working with an American consortium (LXI Consortium) in the field of standardization in order to become more international and to be able to address measuring instrument manufacturers all over the world. In the course of this internationalization, the company name was changed to “Technical Software Engineering Plazotta” and the corporate design was adapted.

Today TSEP develops its own products and offers services in all areas of software and hardware development. Special attention is paid to the Precision Time Protocol according to the IEEE 1588 standard (TSEP Chronos).

Ask us anything!

We want you to be successful. That’s why we invest a lot of hard work to be highly qualified to handle your tasks. 
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask- we are there for you!

Innovation made measurable.

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