Soft- and hardware developments in military context

TSEP develops soft- and hardware used in the military environment since 1993. Particularly worth mentioning in this context are the fields of communication and radio monitoring. But TSEP also developed greater software packages in radio communications.

In the area of radio monitoring (monitoring frequency bands and evaluation of found frequencies), TSEP was involved in different projects. Here, not only software components were created, but also hardware components, which could evaluate results in real time.

In the sector of communication, TSEP spent time with the fault-tolerant data transmission in TDMA systems and their usage for different services (navigation, combat). Here, TSEP created several software implementations und was also involved in planning of systems. In the TDMA system, which has to work fault-tolerant, a precise planning of the time slots is of great importance, otherwise a larger number of time and data gaps can arise.

TSEP developed a greater software package, which performed valuation of HF/VHF/UHF communication connections, in radio communication. At this, the geographical positions of the emitter and the receiver were taken into account. Additionally, the communication parameters like performance, equipment (filter, attenuators, switches, etc.), antenna characteristics, date and time have had influence on the valuation.

All these projects were performed according to military standards (DOD, MIL Standard, etc.). The development methods (V-Model) were prescribed in each case. All projects were subject to extended security and confidentiality arrangements.