Remote system components

SCPI-99 compatible parser
The remote system supports the syntax and the semantic of the SCPI-99 parser definition. Additionally, specific parser attributes of several measuring instrument manufacturers are getting supported.

XML-based definitions of SCPI commands
All SCPI commands are defined based on XML. Through this XML description the required code can be compiled.

Automatic creation of the documentation
Necessary description documents can be generated with the XML-based SCPI command definition. Furthermore, it is possible to create customer-specific documents. The customer has the opportunity to design documents freely.

Overlapped SCPI commands
The remote system also supports so-called “Overlapped SCPI commands”, which allow an asynchronous processing of the commands. The required synchronization logic is anchored in the remote system. Therefore, it is not necessary to implement logic in the corresponding commands.

Modular parser concept
Inside the remote system, it is possible to operate parallel with as many parser components as needed. Through this approach, independent parser modules can be developed and reused in other devices.

Modular channel concept
Within the remote system, as many I/O-channels as needed can be used. TSEP provides standard channels like TCP/IP Raw Socket (IPv4, IPv6), HiSlip and RS232. Due to an open interface, it is possible for the customer to integrate or implement as many channels as needed.