Wolnzach, Baby!

21. September 2021

Our Homebase is Wolnzach, a vivid village inbetween the green hills of the worldfamous hop- and beer-area Hallertau.

No matter if you are looking for bars, restaurant, Beergardens, a top notch cinema or a public pool: You will find everything you need within walking distance.
Fancy having some festivities? Wolnzach is the perfect place to live!

Need some examples?

Have a look at Marco, our own personal travelling salesman:
He’s a nature guy. Before heading to work he takes his bike for a morning ride in the woods. No traffic nor traffic jams or public transportation. Just him and the fresh air.
Afterwards he walks from home to the office. It’s only a short walk anyway.

His modern flat is located in the centre of the village and with 12€/m² quite affordable, even though you will easily find a cheaper one if you want to.
After work he loves to join his friends in a beergarden and have some good Bavarian beer. Or just do some exercises.
As the week is quite relaxing he enjoys some more adrenaline infused activities in the nearby Alps. After a 90 minute drive he can go biking, hiking and rafting- or skiing if it happens to be winter.

And you?

Do you have kids or making plans?
There are Kindergardens and primary as well as secondary schools in walking distance. And a whole lot of sport clubs.
If you never liked the anonymity of the city then you have the possibility to become part of the community and engage yoursself in various activities.
Nevertheless, if the city is calling then it’s only a 45 minute drive to Munich, Regensburg, Augsburg or Ingolstadt. Or you can take the train from the train station in a nearby village.

You want a job here? It’s just a click away!

Innovation made measurable.

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