Front Panel Microcontroller FPC4
Individual Front Panels for Measuring Instruments

Key Features


Modern measuring instruments today have a complex human-machine interface with which the instrument software can be operated. Today not only simple keys can be found on the front panels of the instruments, but also rotating wheels, monochrome and multi-coloured LEDs, LCD displays, touch screens and much more. TSEP started 10 years ago to combine all this functionality in one µC. Today, the fourth generation of front panel controllers, the FPC4, is in use. The FPC series is based on the Cypress PSoC microcontroller family. These microcontrollers are particularly suitable for such use due to the programmable hardware (similar to an FPGA).

Currently different PSoC models (PSoC 1, 3, 4, 5) are supported. Depending on the complexity, the PSoC 1 or 3 can be used as 8-bit microcontrollers for simple FPCs, which are characterized by their low prices. The 32-bit controllers PSoC 4 and 5 can be used for more complex tasks. The FPC4 offers the following functionalities:

μC Firmware

  • Up to 144 keys (12×12 matrix)

  • Up to 64 RGB LEDs

  • Up to 9 rotating wheels (mechanical/electronic)

  • Up to 32 freely configurable GPIOs

  • Touchpanel support

  • eTouch (capacitive keys)

  • Control of LCD displays

  • Switch-on mimic for PC power supplies (Power Button)

  • Monitoring of device states (voltage/temperature/emergency stop)

  • Fan Controls

  • Storage of configuration data in external memory (EEProm, Flash, etc.)

  • Firmware update function via USB


  • Firmware update Tooling during device software installation

  • Software interface for control interface of the FPC4

  • Driver for the control interface of the FPC4 (debugging features, update feature, configuration, touch panel configuration)

  • Filter driver for a free configuration of the key and rotary wheel events in the device software

  • Tools for visualizing the control interface

  • Tools for dot correction of RGB LEDs

The FPC4 can be customized with different features and thus optimally adapted to the measuring instrument. The possibility to update the firmware via USB makes it easy to install new features of the FPC4.

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