Open Office

21. August 2021

Or: Flexibility is awesome!
Sure, Covid19 was, is and will be a piece of sh*t. Period. But it also helped motivating oldfashioned companies to step up and go digital. And so did we at TSEP!
No matter if you call it Remote Work or Home Office or Open Office: The idea of having the opportunity to work from home is spreading around the world as fast as the virus did. And other than the virus it improved many lifes. We are now able to bring together our private life and our working life. That’s how we get the best out of it.

Open Office bei TSEP

We are happy to announce that being flexible is now the new normal here at TSEP.
We introduced Open Office:
You have the possibility to work 2 days from home if you like to. If not, or on every other day there is a place for you in our modern homebase. There is also coffee. For free. As much as you need. Always.

Open Office is the perfect mix between flexibility and the need to socialice in a small company like ours. It also offers a huge amount of opportunities if your situation needs a special solution.

Ever heard of “Gleitzeit”?

Everyone is different. One might be fully awake at 5 am, while the other needs to sleep until 9 am to fully know how to human. That’s why we give you the flexibility to start your day at the time you feel best. That makes you a happy colleague which in return makes all of us a happy team.
Furthermore if your Netflix&Chill-evening on Thursday was a little bit too exciting, you have the freedom to sleep long, sit down at home in your comfy pants and work on your own. Without the whole company realizing that you had the night of your life and that your water is Aspirin-infused.
Because we all know that life sometimes has its own rules 😉

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