Driver development

As TSEP has always worked as a hardware-dependent system house, the own development of drivers suggested itself. In the year 2005, the development of drivers has been expedited even further by the development of proprietary products and hardware. Today, TSEP creates drivers for Windows as well as for Linux. No matter if USB, SPI, CAN, PCI, PCIe, Ethernet or other bus systems, TSEP has certainly already developed the correct driver for it.

At TSEP, several developers, partial with more than 20 years of work experience, deal with development of drivers. Thus, TSEP may not only assume the development of the drivers, but also the support throughout the entire term of the supported hardware.

Driver development is more the exception than the rule in projects, therefore an employment of driver software developers does pay off in very few cases. According to this, TSEP offers a cost-effective alternative. TSEP develops drivers pursuant to customer specification and integrates them into the customer software. With the integration of the driver interface into the customer software, it is possible to minimize the frictions between software developer and driver developer at such an integration. This has a favorable impact on the costs and the expenditure of time.

The development of drivers requires a special diligence, because due to the fact that errors in drivers cause stability issues in the whole operating system and thus in the system itself. Considering that, TSEP developed particular test concepts, which go far beyond the required tests of operating system manufacturers. The quality specifications at TSEP and the extended tests ensure that the driver functionality is existent.