TSEP was founded in 1988 as “Technische Software Entwicklung Plazotta” and has engaged development of software in the CAD/CAM environment. However, the focus changed to communications engineering and telecommunications in the early nineties. Already at the end of the nineties TSEP was entrusted with lager software projects in communications engineering (e.g. Siemens, Motorola) and in telecommunications (Rohde&Schwarz).

With the beginning of the new century, the spectrum of the development at TSEP expanded onto the fields of verification and measurement. To be able to realize a greater amount of projects, TSEP increased its permanent personnel continuously. Since TSEP developed hardware related software components progressively, the customer inquiries for a complete hardware-software solution did increase. For this reason, TSEP decided to offer the development of hardware in 2005. The customer response was more than positive. To this day TSEP has created dozens of hardware developments for its customers, which went more than successful in series and are in use today.

In 2008 TSEP expanded its activities onto the field of automotive (VW group). Therefore, the developments in this area, especially in the entertainment section, were conducted. TSEP implemented both hardware and software development.

In 2015, it was decided to internationalize TSEP’s business, because TSEP already cooperated in 2014 with a US consortium (LXI Consortium) in the area of standardization, to reach manufactures of measurement instruments worldwide. As part of this change, the corporate design was adapted.  Additionally the company name was changed to “Technical Software Engineering Plazotta”, to better illustrate the international claim.

Nowadays, TSEP is a worldwide operating and expanding company with more than 20 employees and an average growth by more than 15% per year. All employees of TSEP are highly qualified and motivated. Their focus are cost-efficient and innovative products and solutions for our customers.


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