Commercial soft- and hardware development

TSEP can take on project-related developments of soft- and hardware as a service provider. Here, projects are defined and realized at fixed prices on the basis of work contracts. The benefit for the customer is the short-term acquisition and implementation of projects at fixed prices. TSEP has both, senior developers with more than 20 years of professional experience and junior developers (Bachelor, Master, IT specialists). Also the project management can be undertaken by TSEP. Precisely because TSEP has several project managers, which have efficiently led projects to success for more than ten years.

TSEP has executed quite a few developments for customers in various fields, such as automotive, communications engineering, telecommunications and test & measurement in the past 20 years. At this, not only simple applications were realized, but also complex systems. On some points, TSEP contributed in the definition phase and could introduce its knowledge. TSEP uses modern methods (Scrum, etc.) for software development. Internal, the tool “Enterprise Architect” from Sparx is used for the different phases of development of software.

A particular topic, on which TSEP gave an increased focus, was the porting of large systems (several million lines of code). Here, the software was ported between operating systems (32-bit to 64-bit applications) and between compiler versions. Thereto, TSEP determines the necessary efforts first and prepares a porting schedule subsequently. Due to this framework condition, it was possible to make the development happen at a fixed price.

In the hardware sector TSEP specialized itself on the programming of microcontrollers and small FPGA devices. The Cypress PSoC family is often and willingly used at TSEP. Because these processors offer a perfect cost-benefit ratio and are additively able to respond to new functionalities due to their flexibility. TSEP offers both the service for the complete hardware development (up to the finished circuit board) and the development of layout and circuits.

But not only the development of soft- and hardware is a topic at TSEP, also the testing of these developments is. TSEP has its own test department. There, all developments, which are going to clients, get their functionality and quality tested. Analogous to the ISO 9000, TSEP owns a determined and documented procedure for the execution of projects. Additionally, the clients are supported during the execution of their tests by TSEP.