TSEP Kerberos is a hardware and software solution for the verification of the LXI functionality of measurement and testing devices. TSEP has been working on the LXI standard for over 10 years and is also an active member of the LXI consortium. In addition, TSEP was also certified as an LXI test house in 2014 and performs LXI certification tests for various LXI member companies.

The current certification test for LXI instruments is based on the LXI Conformance Test Suite of the LXI consortium. This test suite is a pure software solution, i.e. all necessary hardware for the test environment must be provided by the LXI test house or the LXI member, which can be quite problematic. In the short life of consumer hardware, the question of choosing the "right router" is a burning and recurring theme.

In addition, the existing LXI Test Suite was designed for manual testing. However, regression testing and developer support are important features that are not currently covered by the LXI Consortium's existing LXI Test Suite.

Because of these facts, TSEP decided to launch a new product that supports all these additional requirements. It was clear from the beginning that the solution to be developed also needed to be equipped with hardware. Only thus the question could be solved for the correct router, namely the built-in router! In addition, the new solution should enable LXI members to process regression testing LXI features in their development labs. Improved error analysis and a step-by-step process of testing and its sub steps are also important to help developers debug existing problems with LXI implementations or enhance support for integrating LXI functionality into new developments.

TSEP worked closely with the LXI consortium to develop TSEP Kerberos. The goal with the TSEP Kerberos solution was to achieve a 100% coverage of the existing solution of the LXI consortium. To do this, several devices from LXI members were tested with both versions of the test software, and both versions were tested for a 100% match. Disagreements and issues were then agreed with the Consortium's Technical Working Group and then flowed into TSEP Kerberos. The current TSEP Kerberos version 1.12 now provides identical results as the current LXI Conformance test suite of the LXI consortium. TSEP will continue to review the current releases of TSEP Kerberos for compatibility with the Test Suite of the LXI consortium and will be careful to provide the same results for both versions.

As current developments for TSEP Kerberos the topics "LXI Security" and the self-certification of devices by LXI members are in the foreground. TSEP is actively involved in both topics and works in the various LXI working groups. Thus, TSEP ensures that the future enhancements to the LXI standard are supported by the TSEP Kerberos Test Suite.

Customers who have a TSEP Kerberos support contract can download these enhancements directly from the TSEP SFTP server for free and use them on their devices!


TSEP Kerberos product description